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Pearls For Pearls Gifts and Accessories

The Pearl, a rare precious gem, is the basis for the Mitch22 Pearls For Pearls gifts and accessory line. A beautifully handcrafted line, these products are designed exclusively for mothers by mothers. This line embodies the beauty of three basic colors, white, pink and black. For a grieving mother, the purity of the white Pearl represents the life of the child that has passed. Just as a Pearl is one of earth’s most beautiful natural creations, so is the life of child.

Pink, the universal color of love, signifies a mixture of the colorless tears that mothers shed mixed with the symbolic blood that Jesus shed. When this mixture occurs, majestic shades of pink are created. Known as the color of absence, black is the final Pearls For Pearls hue. Black embodies bravery, strength, and power. In order to continue to live without a child, bravery, strength and power must be displayed.When combined, the purity of the color white, the majestic shades of pink and the strength of the color black, creates a beautiful line that will bring elegance to any occasion.

Creatively designed with you in mind, all pieces in the Pearls For Pearls line come with a six month warranty ensuring quality craftsmanship on all materials and workmanship.  All proceeds will be used to further the mission of the Foundation. The Mitch22 Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable corporation.

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Signature $22.00 / Custom $24.00

Pink Base

Black Base

White Base

Sorority Greek Pens

Fraternity Greek Pens



Small $7.00 / Large $12.00

Signature Pearl for pearls SMall $7.00 / Large $12.00

pearls & Crystals SMall$7.00/Large$12.00

Pearls & Rhinestones SMALL$7.00/LARGE$12.00

Pearls SMALL$7.00/LARGE$12.00



Bead & Chain $30.00

Bead Cluster $30.00

Double Strand $40.00



Stretch $10.00

clasp $13.00

3 strand Wrap with Stones $20.00

3 strand Wrap $18.00



Small $12.00 / Large $15.00

2 small Beads $12.00

2 Small Beads $12.00

3 Large Beads $15.00